I can do a pretty amazing robot. I own every self-help book known to man. I’ve been called a “hippie” and took it as a compliment. We have the cutest kid in the universe and now have the cutest toddler in the universe so don’t hate. Someday, I’ll write a book about Jesus and parenting and child development and grace. My husband and I are psych-geeks, vinyl hipsters, Jesus-loving ragamuffins who’ve moved from Southern California to Austin, Texas. And guess what? It’s possible to love BOTH Texas and California. This site will be a collection of thoughts about all of those things and probably more. Focusing isn’t my strong suit but I mostly love to write about social justice and reconciliation. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what I write, don’t be a stranger!

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M.S. Clinical Psychology



10 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Enjoy raising your baby boy–I raised three baby boys and now they are young men. What an adventure and privilege parenting was–I thank God for all my “mommy” days! God bless your “mommy” days, too!


  2. Hi! I happened across your blog by searching for adopt4me. We are adoptive parents x2 🙂 but I would love to chat if you wouldn’t mind emailing me! We had an interesting experience with adopt4me and I would love chat!


  3. I did not appreciate your stay at home post. You are lucky to be able to choose to stay home with your kids and you should thank Him to have such fortune. Most of us have to put our children in daycare and work to support our families. You get to spend time with your kids yet you complain m. Appreciate your good fortune and stop complaining.


    • I totally agree Brooks, thanks for reading and for contributing your opinion! Unfortunately, life isn’t black and white. The other side isn’t always greener. It may seem like stay at home moms are lucky and have it easy but there are challenges that come with that life as well. What we can both learn from this exchange is that we all can choose to find contentment where we are, either working or staying at home. We are all fortunate in our own way, we just choose whether to see those fortunes. However, I also believe it’s ok to “complain” and be honest about our challenges in our life. It’s best to be real and not pretend. We aren’t always going to be happy, all of the time. A great example of this is illustrated in the Psalms. Thank you again for your feedback. I hope you can give yourself and others grace to feel the real feelings. The good news is all feelings are temporary, including the ones I posted in that piece. Most of the time, I am grateful and happy with my choice but I’d be lying if I said I always felt that way. I hope you don’t expect that of yourself and please don’t expect it of me. Take Care.


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