4th of July Fun: Photo Dump

Living in Buda really allows us to enjoy the best of both worlds, city life in Austin isn’t far away but on days like the 4th of July we get to indulge in some small town fun. It really feels like our own Stars Hallow. I love it. I love it to the point that I almost cried about 5 times on the morning of the “parade” down Main St. Our family is gold. My heart is so full.

Kids of all ages strolled down the street, their scooters, wagons, bikes and 4 wheelers all dripping with red, white and blue. We met up with some friends, waved at people we knew and ended at a little festival touting train rides, bounce houses and snow cones.


IMG_6582 IMG_6584 IMG_6590 IMG_6597 IMG_6592



Later that day we had neighbors, family and friends over for a grill-out and fireworks. I am so thankful for this community. We celebrated 7 years of marriage today too! It really was a special day.



Hope you all had a fun and safe 4th!!


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