What We’ve Been Up To

I kind of dropped off the face of the Blogosphere and I think you can see why! Here’s all that we’ve been up to!

Our new house!

Unpacking, painting, organizing, more painting. Chalk paint is my new favorite. Omg. It could be the death of me. Or my marriage.

It was love at first sight when I saw the huge oak trees.
It was love at first sight when I saw the huge oak trees.
Love that it’s one story! It was also built the year I was born so you know, it has good bones 😉
Lord help me, I may not sleep until that ceiling is scraped and those walls are painted. And you know I’ve been scouring Restoration Hardware for a sweet new light fixture. LOVE the floors though!
The “formal living room” will be converted to a room where we can geek out and listen to vinyl. So stoked about this!
The living room, the door to the right leads to the sunroom. This carpet… don’t get me started. Oh but the vaulted ceiling and beam? LOVE.
The space is unbelievable! I can’t even fill all of the cupboards! This will be the first place we remodel, and I can’t wait. We want to go for an open concept look (because we are alive in 2015, you know)
Breakfast Nook attached to the Kitchen.



I HEART THIS SUNROOM!!! Can’t wait to make it a nice lounge space for visiting with friends.


Back patio.

IMG_0315 IMG_0317


So, there it is. I didn’t take pictures of the bedrooms (4) or anything yet but you get the gist.

It didn’t take long for me to get the itch to do SOMETHING to make our home feel more like it was ours. This is the Master Bathroom.
My mom came in to town and her visit happened to be over St. Patty’s Day so we all celebrated! And then I made her paint with me!
Guest Bath BEFORE.
Taking a break to enjoy Main St. Buda! Summer moon Wood Fired coffee has become a fave for sure.
Art in local shops.
Couldn’t let her leave without hitting up the Salt Lick. Our good friends the Hendrickson’s joined us!
Guest Bath AFTER. BAM!!!
Master Bath AFTER!! Chalk paint, you have won my heart forever!
Playing at the rooftop park on top of Whole Foods Downtown Austin- the original!
Easter Egg hunt with new friends.
I must say, Austin really is very family friendly. I’ve been surprised at how my restaurants have enclosed play structures like this. Plus, throw in a little live music and it’s a like a date night! This is at Hatcreek Burger Co.
More Easter Egg fun!
We joined Caleb’s parents for a fun Easter Egg hunt next to Canyon Lake where they live. It was a gorgeous day!
For his friend, Ryder’s, birthday we went to the Austin Nature Center where they dug up dinosaur bones and played in a creek. We didn’t even make it over to the zoo section! (PS This is not all the same day, Luca will not take off his Superman shirt with the cape!)
The Austin Zoo and sanctuary! We enjoyed feeding the deer and shockingly, this is the only time Luca has requested a photo and then posed for it. Pretty dang cute!
We have now discovered two trains in Austin, he is a happy boy!


Well, there you have it! Thank you all for your continued prayer and support! I will give an adoption update soon! Have a wonderful Easter friends. 🙂



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