The Twenty-One

21 Egyptian Christians Murdered
21 Egyptian Christians Murdered

I’m horrible at writing about relevant events right after they’ve happened. Surely this post should have been delivered two days ago but I just wasn’t ready yet. In my limited thirty-one-year-old wisdom I have learned myself and I have learned that time is better for my words. The words that begged to be shared two days ago are more akin to your pile of laundry than poetry.

Not that I am a poet. But God willing, I hope that my words are valuable.

My heart doesn’t do well with tragedy. My mind doesn’t help. Scenarios flash of the loved ones involved. The phone calls to the victims’ families. The dread of watching your beloved fall victim to pure evil. Innocence lost.

My mind is reeling around what to write about such a sick and twisted event. Do I go political with this? God knows about my temptation to throw my laptop after hearing Fox News’ outtake on the event. Perhaps political isn’t the way to go. Maybe psychology then? Let’s talk about sociopathy. Let’s talk about what drives people to such extremism. That doesn’t feel right either.

So I’ll talk about you. You are probably more interesting than those topics anyway. How do you handle hearing about events such as this? Fall your face to your hands, turn away in despair? Shrug your shoulders and proceed on? Pray? Maybe you’re like me and you feel a tornado of anger swell up within. Wanting answers. Wanting the only answer to: How do we stop this?

As Christians, we know that the world isn’t doomed to get any better until it gets worse. This is destiny. Yet, we live in the paradox of our faith which calls us to bringing Heaven to Earth. We  were made by a just God and therefore long for justice.

We stop this by YOU stopping this. That’s the only way. We can’t do this without you. You must follow your calling to bring Heaven down here. You mustn’t stop until you must. We are called to this. We are called to bring love and reconciliation and peace and justice.

Someone (I’m not getting political so I won’t specify whom)  said that the answer to this problem of ISIS is to address the root of the problem. Why do people join terrorist groups? Why do people join gangs? Why do bullies exist? These are humans, heart-beating, lungs-filling type people. They are flesh and blood. They are not cannibalistic animals born to destroy. They are we.

I don’t know how you’ll stop this. Only you know that. Only you know the specific ways in which God has called you to bring your piece of Heaven down. Maybe it doesn’t even seem related. Maybe it seems insignificant.

Nothing of Christ is insignificant.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal to you what significance He has for you. Pray that this Lent season will bring you closer to Him and Heaven closer to Earth. Pray.




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