This is Where I Live


We always want what is slipping through our fingers or what has already fallen from our hands. That’s what they say. Is this true for you?

I find that I always appreciate things more when I realize they are coming to pass. I’m working on that.

In this vein, I share with you a tiny glimpse of my life here in Spring Branch, Texas. It’s the first time I’ve lived in the country and I have really come to love this time in wide open space. It’s about to end soon as we move into our new place closer to Austin. I’m really going to miss the beauty of this place.


Canyon lake, with its crystal blue waters and limestone shores. It is breathtaking.


There’s even a park next to the lake that Luca loves. More than he loves his picture being taken.




Driving to my in-laws house you will see deer, goats, and more. My favorite are the long horns.






IMG_0131 IMG_0132







We don’t always have to know what we got ’til it’s gone. We we take a moment each day to appreciate what we have, it’s there, right in our hands.

Happy Friday Friends! Enjoy your loved ones this weekend!


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