And Life Goes On

Another week (plus) has gone by since we officially moved to Texas. A LOT has happened in the last couple of weeks! I’m excited to share that we have continued some fun play dates with new friends and the house hunt is still in effect. Our house closes on the 29th (Lord willing- prayers appreciated) and we are scheduled to head back to Cali in a week to our horribly-ugly-no-good fixer-upper (sniff) to pack-up.

But let’s not talk about that right now.

The best part of last week was the MOST amazing time I had surrounded by my Noonday Sisters at the annual Noonday SHINE conference. I am bursting with things to share but I will hold-back because I know you have a life and I don’t need to divulge every single detail (but I really really want to!!!). Taking a breath. Now, here is my/our week in pictures with SUPER minimal explanation (you’re welcome).

Me and my roomie Kerry acting like total spazes because we just saw Jessica Honegger (founder of Noonday Collection) AND Jalia & Daniel (partner artisans in Uganda as seen in the Our Story video) IRL!!!!
Together we are building a flourishing world where Children are Cherished, Women are Empowered, People Have Jobs, and We Are CONNECTED. The new infographic from Noonday. LOVE.

Sneaking a shot of Jalia speaking about her company “African Style” which provides Noonday with gorgeous pieces from Uganda. People are lined-up to work for them because they offer admirable wages and working conditions. A rarity there.
Hangin’ with some Noonday Sisters.


Swag bag! Just a couple of my favorite items from it.
Swag bag! Just a couple of my favorite items from it.
Finally got the gumption to ask for a photo with Jalia and Daniel! I still can't believe I met them. I've shared their story so many times!
Finally got the gumption to ask for a photo with Jalia and Daniel! I still can’t believe I met them. I’ve shared their story so many times!
I am THRILLED to announce that Noonday now has a Partner Artisan Group in AFGHANISTAN. Do you know how HUGE this is?? Women. Working. In. Afghanistan. Let that sink in.
Spring Line Reveal!! It is SO gorgeous! I want it all! I can’t wait to share it with you on February 17th! Think happy, bright, and fresh. You will love it!
A sneak peek of a new piece coming for the Spring Line!
View from Lakeway Resort and Spa.
View from our room at sunset. Bliss.
Style Experts Hillary Rushford and Jessie Artigue. I learned so much at this session and can’t wait to share it all with you. It’s all about feeling beautiful and confident with whatchya got!
New Noonday friend Grace 🙂


Reunited with my fam!
More house-hunting. This is a random photo…
Gorgeous day of 75 degrees on Canyon Lake (where Caleb’s parents live). I wish I could eat it. It would be delicious.
Set-up for my Noonday debut in Texas, hosted by my wonderfully hospitable Mother in Law!
Cheers to a very successful debut! $200 raised for our adoption!!
This is just the cutest ever. He loves him some Thomas.
Worst pic but had to try to capture all of the fun we had at McKenna Children’s Museum in New Braunfels!

Well, that’s all for me for now! Thank you for your continued prayers as we make our way through this difficult transition.


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