Best of 2014

You voted with your clicks! Here are the Top 10 Posts from 2014! Thank you so much for all of your support everyone.

I want to let you know what with our big move coming-up I will probably be posting more often. Writing is a coping skill for me, I need it as a way to digest all that is going on. So, if getting about one post per week to your Inbox feels like too much, I think you can change the settings so that you only receive so many per month or per week. You can also follow me through Bloglovin’ which I know for certain has that feature. It’s a great way to keep all those blogs organized!

Alright, so are you ready for it??

The Top 10 Posts from 2014!!!

10. In Process

Bye-bye old roof!
Bye-bye old roof!

9. Spiritual Discipline of Solitude and Peeing Your Pants

9. Just Clearing Something-Up About Natural Childbirth

8. The Gay Debate: Switching Gears

7. The Time Luca Almost Had a Little Brother


6. Why Does Adoption Cost So Much? The Breakdown.

photo 1

5. Y’all, We’re Moving to Texas

4. We’re Adopting! A LOVEly Fundraiser

Style #1

2. I Gots the Fever…Baby Fever, That Is…

(Image from Chinese Children Adoption International)
(Image from Chinese Children Adoption International)

1. Delicate Decisions: Adopting a Chinese Boy


 Wow. It’s taken me for a loop to look back at all of that. We have been through SO much in the last year! I feel a whole stew of emotions. It’s sad to look at how excited we were to adopt from China but at the same time I am proud of us for being flexible. We had the willingness to take a step back and really determine what is best for our family.

The same thing goes for us moving to Texas.

You guys, we’re all just doing the best we can with the information we have in front of us. We never know what life is going to bring our way. We have to be resilient and willing to take risks. We can’t say “no” to something just because it might be hard. Above all else, we have to be willing to say “yes” to God’s call, even when it seems crazy.

I know God is calling us to adopt and I knew back in December of 2013 that He was calling us to move to Texas. The thing is, I started to doubt myself. I thought maybe I had mis-heard him. I thought I was wrong… So we bought a house in California. Then, 6 months later when the perfect job came-up, RIGHT in the territory we felt him calling us to we knew with every fiber of our beings that Caleb was supposed to apply for it. We were told it was a MAJOR long-shot. Someone else was destined for that position.

This is what happens when you trust God. He does crazy things. He makes the impossible possible. We just have to be willing to say yes.

I’m writing this more for myself than for you, I hope that’s cool. I need to remember God’s faithfulness because I am scared to move halfway across the country. I’m scared that maybe we will never hold our adopted child in our arms. But here is the truth: God has ALWAYS kept his promises to me. There was a time when I feared we would never get pregnant, He told me we would have a son. The week I met Caleb, He told me He was preparing me to be a wife. It stopped me dead in my tracks. It was the weirdest/coolest/scariest thing that I’ve experienced.

credit: AlwaysRooney
credit: AlwaysRooney

So, here is to another year of saying “Yes!” To trusting God and to experiencing His good good faithfulness.

Happy New Year Everyone!


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