Happy Halloween! Pumpkin Patch Fun

Halloween is still kinda low-key around here, I’m sure it’ll get exciting in a couple of years when Luca gets the concept a little more and we actually let him get lots of candy. For now, it’s really just an excuse to dress-up, play at the pumpkin patch and watch Nightmare Before Christmas a bunch.

This year,  I was really excited to get a costume for Luca because he’s way more opinionated than last year. I toyed with the idea of Daniel Tiger because he loves that show, and get. out. THIS is adorable!


I also thought about Olaf because he’s still really into “Essa” (That would translate to “Elsa” from Frozen)


Buuut…. I had a feeling that would be a wasted investment. There’s no way he’d wear it. Well, then I just happened upon a Thomas the Train costume at kids’ resale store. It was $5. Not much of a loss if he didn’t wear it… Which, of course, he didn’t. Nope. In fact, I did.


Luckily, one of our good friends know of Luca’s train obsession and had gotten him an Engineer outfit at a garage sale. So for Halloween, I am Thomas the Train, and he is an Engineer. You could SO have a field-day analyzing this, please don’t. Instead, look at these cute pics from our fun day at the Irvine Regional Park pumpkin patch.


Check out Stacy and Jax on the left, best costumes ever!!
Check out Stacy and Jax on the left, best costumes ever!! Not everyone was there but it was great to get most of us together!




This pic is important because Luca is patting the seat next to him for me to join him. I’m relishing in this stuff because I know it won’t be long before he’s too cool for Mama.
Can’t forget to wear your hat on the train! Don’t tell him it doesn’t fit at ALL.



It was such a fun day. I can’t believe he’s going to be two so soon!!

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