The Quake That Shook Wine Country: Heartbreak for My Hometown

If you’ve never experienced an earthquake, let me tell you it is incredibly hard to describe what it’s like. The first word that comes to mind for me is “disorienting.” The quakes that I have been through were minor but still unsettling. For days after I felt sort of on-edge and disoriented.

It’s an incredibly unnerving feeling when, without warning, the earth beneath you becomes unsteady. Incredibly.

Well, just a little over a week ago, my little hometown of Napa was shaken by a 6.1 earthquake. It was big enough to do major damage to infrastructure and paved roads. Not to mention big enough to scare the wits out of most of those who were brutally awakened by it at 3am. I’ve heard story after story of sentimental items being lost and of damage to homes. No one really has earthquake insurance because it’s RIDICULOUSLY expensive and has like a $30,000 deductible. So most of the damage will just have to be absorbed by the home owners.

I just had to write something about all of this because I feel so helpless being far away. I wish that I was there to help pick-up the broken pieces. The shocking images of beautiful historic buildings crumbling and glass strewn about homes of loved ones… it’s just so heartbreaking. Not to mention that the aftershocks are STILL continuing. Talk about feeling on edge, ugh.

If you pray, please pray for my hometown. Pray for the residents, that they will not suffer from fear or injuries. Pray a blessing of peace and healing.

God, please give them strength and fill them with joy as they celebrate what was not lost.

Here are some photos to help us understand what it has been like there:

napaquake 628x471 6.0 Earthquake Rattles Northern California 700_0fxge3uvi729njqu8aaa8wigbxrjyd0s thumb.php Napa-Earthquake-Damage AP_EARTHQUAKE_140825_DG_16x9_992


Some images of hope and healing:

418-gIzJM.AuSt.55 m37540149_Photo-1-CaliEquake images-1




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