You Know You’re the Mom of a(n Almost) 2 Year-Old When

10. You can finish this lyric: “They’re 2 they’re 4 they’re 6 and 8…”

9. You’re starting to learn of diseases that you didn’t even know existed… and contracting them. (Hand Foot…. what the wha?!)

8. You’ve been scratched, punched, pummeled, bitten, and smacked by various thrown objects, all of which actions were accompanied by high-pitched giggles or a mischievous smile.

7. The things that you once held so tightly to… NO PLASTIC TOYS!!…. NO TV!!… NO ANYTHING THAT COULD POSSIBLY CAUSE ANY HARM!!… have fallen by the wayside somewhere along with the aspirations to make all of your own baby food from your home grown vegetables.

6. You start to day dream about having number 2….

5. You start to have nightmares about having number 2…

4. People consistently ask you about number 2…

3. You begin to realize that ALL of your friends who have siblings that are 2 years apart meant that they were 2 and their sibling was a newborn. Then you start to question the sanity of all of these mothers. Then the consistent increase of anxiety disorders start to make sense…

2. You’re starting to sleep more.

1. You’re starting to sleep more and so you think, “I could SO do this again!”

And who wouldn’t want to?? Look at this…

photo 3
photo 6
photo 4

photo 5


Happy Friday Everyone!


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