The Journey to Our Own Home

I haven’t written in a looooong time. That’s not like me. I need writing. It’s cathartic, healing and just plain fun. But let me tell you, the last 3-4 weeks have been MADNESS up in here. I haven’t blogged because we didn’t have internet for most of that time and because I’ve just been crazy busy.

Well, things have settled a bit so it’s time to share what we’ve been up to! Let’s start from the beginning…

It all started with some major purging, which felt AH-MAZING! Here’s Luca posing on top of Caleb’s glorified sound system back from his college years. It’s time to let it go. Like yesterday was time to let it go. But that the great thing about moving, it gives you incentive to get rid of the stuff that’s been clinging on for way too long.

IMG_0045 Next, we had to prep the rental house for moving. This meant removing our beloved “Praise Tree” that we used to hang photos of things that we are thankful for. It’s made from old fence boards from our backyard. It’s so sad to see it go!



So, our new house is a fixer-upper. That’s an understatement. It’s like the mother of all fixer-uppers. Off to Home Depot we went to load-up on all our supplies. We laughed/cried about the fact that we NO JOKE could have bought something from EVERY AISLE in that store.


IMG_0048Finally, escrow closed and we were able to get in the house and get to work! The home was built in 1955 and we bought it from the original owners (well, technically we bought it from their children who inherited the house) and so there was a lot of mid-dentury charm. Some of it we decided to keep- some of it not-so-much….


I’m super stoked on the classic 1950’s pink bathroom but the wallpaper made me nauseous, it had to go!

Next was painting…




Shout-out to Caleb’s dad, Scott, who flew out from Texas for a whole week to help us!!

And more painting….


One of the cool things about purchasing an old home is that we are finding cool memorabilia around, like this beautiful flag. It was found just in time, on July 2nd! It was rolled-up in the garage but we let it fly proud again on Independence Day.


Then, guess what?? MORE PAINTING! Check-out that awesome wood-paneled wall. Gag me.

Thank you Ash!
I love that we found the perfect gray... "Iced Cube Silver" by Benjamin Moore.
I love that we found the perfect gray… “Iced Cube Silver” by Benjamin Moore.
The Cerioni’s ROCK!

Look how much better that wood paneling looks!!

Gotta love my silly hubby!!

Underneath the wall-paper in the guest bathroom, the walls were, you guessed it: PINK! So, yay, more painting!!

Thank you Mom and Ed for coming down to help us out!!
Thank you Mom and Ed for coming down to help us out!!

In the midst of all this madness, Fourth of July (and our 5th wedding anniversary) happened. We took a break to go to a BBQ with our Life Group. Which, by the way, is now only THREE blocks away!!! Hooray!

American Cutie
American Cutie

Remember the Pink Bathroom? Well, it also was rocking carpet AND linoleum flooring. Yep, half and half. Epic. Well that had to go but we wanted to keep a retro look. We found this beautiful tile at went for it!

IMG_0059Next up… Re-finishing the original Red Oak floors. Holy Moly, did we bite off more than we could chew on that endeavor. Caleb wanted to hire someone to do it but my dad, who had just flown into town, assured us that we could do it. Me, being the penny pincher that I am, agreed with my dad and a very *skeptical* but *encouraging* Caleb gave the green light.

If you ever need to sand your floors, DO NOT use this kind of sander!!!!
If you ever need to sand your floors, DO NOT use this kind of sander!!!!

Well, we did our best but we accidentally got the wrong kind of sander and it left some dips in the floor. We had to find the right kind of sander and re-do the entire house. It took 3 hours to sand the floor of just one bedroom so you can imagine how this was unpleasant news.

Caleb is repairing some damaged floor boards that needed love before we even moved in.
Caleb is repairing some damaged floor boards that needed love before we even moved in.

After all of that, Caleb refinished the floors with a beautiful Satin polyurethane and we just had to wait for it to dry. We were under a deadline to get out of our rental and into the new house. The floor wasn’t going to dry in time so we just moved all of our stuff into the garage at the new house. We did put beds in the rooms. One for us and one for my stepmom, Sharon, so she could stay in the guest room.

Sharon was amazing! She helped me pack, clean, shop, and move! After all of that we decided we needed a break and headed-over to the Magic Kingdom.



Finally, I got to do some fun stuff! We had been wanting to paint the door yellow. I did some research and tests of course. This is what we found. It’s called “Hawaiian Pineapple,” it makes me happy!



Now we’re in the midst of MORE painting. All of the cabinet doors, closet doors and bedroom doors needed a little spiffing-up in order to match the freshly painted walls.

I’m really loving the way everything is turning-out but I must say that this is WAY more work than I anticipated. I’m tired people. There’s just so much that goes into buying an older home that you just don’t think about. For example, we re-painted the cabinet doors for the hallway closets and when we went to hang them back-up, they just looked crummy because the hinges had been painted *literally* three times. They also just didn’t work very well. So, here’s what I did yesterday…

I boiled all of the hinges in a big pot with baking soda. (I’m going to take this moment for thanking the internet for telling me how I can fix things all on my own.) This took a while. (Now I’d like to say, “Thanks A Lot” Internet, if you didn’t exist I would be *forced* to call someone to fix my problem while I lounged around drinking iced tea. You suck Internet.) Anyway, they actually did turn out really great and I’m pretty proud of us!

Gross hinges getting a baking soda bath.
Gross hinges getting a baking soda bath.
Pretty Hinge! I love that it adds a retro flair =)
Pretty Hinge! I love that it adds a retro flair =)

So, like a turtle or something else really slow, the house is coming along. My patience is being tried and my character strengthened. Caleb and I have been trying to have a sense of humor about it all and I’ve been trying to not get sucked into the Vortex of New House Fixing. I want to keep my relationships the number one priority. It hasn’t been easy. But, with lots of communication, good music (oh yeah, we set-up our audio system as soon as we could!) and a positive attitude (provided mostly by my husband), we’re making it through!




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