Trusting That the Kingdom of God is Real

“Sometimes anxiety seems easier to trust than to have faith.” 

When our pastor said this a couple of weeks ago it really resonated with me. Sometimes, it’s more comfortable to worry than to release my fears to God. It’s comfortable because worry gives me a sense of being in control. When I stop worrying, I feel vulnerable. Why does it seem as if I am now more prone to attack? I’m not on guard. Worry serves as a wall of protection around my heart.

Unfortunately, worry is a poor defense. Not once has worry ever protected me from harm. If anything, it robs me of the present moment by turning my focus towards a potential reality. Worry gives only the illusion of security.

Now of course, there are concerns in this life the we must deal with. Say, we have a concern that our son is delayed in some way. We deal with that concern by taking our son to be evaluated. We don’t deal with that concern by worrying about all of the possible diagnoses. Once the evaluation is complete, we can assess what resources are needed and connect to them. Worry didn’t need to be a part of this process at all.

So why do we worry? We worry because we want to feel in control. We worry because we are too scared to trust that God is in control. We worry because we doubt that the Kingdom of God is real.

All of us have doubts at some level. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t have faith. As our pastor said so brilliantly, “Faith in God requires faith.” Why do we forget that? Faith requires the choice to have faith. We must have faith that the Kingdom of God is real.

If we were to believe that the Kingdom of God is real, and I mean really really believe it, here’s what we can rely on:
– God is good.

– God is present.

– God sent His son to bring us in good standing with Him again.

– This life is not all there is.

–  God will redeem ALL of the brokenness of the world.

There are many more truths we could add to this list. These are the ones I listed because they help me when I want to worry. In fact, for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been freed from worry whenever I choose to be. I just think this simple phrase:

“I choose to believe.” 

When I remember that my worry is not reality and that the Kingdom of God is reality, my fears are quieted. They may not be muted completely but they take a backseat to the trust and faith that I have in God. He has been faithful to me, to all of us. I have no reason to not trust Him. I pray for God to help my unbelief. I would give anything to have faith that I never doubted. In the meantime, my doubt reminds me of my weakness and my desperate need for Him. When I find myself worrying, I realize that I am making a choice to do so and ask God to comfort my fears. I am so incredibly thankful that we have a God who is patient, kind, and steadfast.

What about you, what do you do to keep yourself from worrying?


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