Happy 31st Birthday to Me and Happy 35th Birthday to My Hubster!

Yay for April birthdays!! Caleb and I were born exactly 4 years and 4 days apart. This is significant because 4 is the best number. It has always been my favorite. I like to think that God was giving me a little wink/shoulder slug when he arranged our birthdays that way.

This last year has been pretty significant although not as crazy as the year that I graduated and had a baby. That was a pretty crazy one. This year has been much more mellow and I feel like I’ve been able to hit my stride in motherhood. Here’s what this last year has taught me…

I am stronger than I think.

Went to Maui!

I really don’t know much.

God is in relentless pursuit of my heart.

Luca turned ONE!
House of Blues with Cousin Andrea! My first big night out since Luca was born!








People generally want to do the right thing.

Life is what I make of it. It always feels harder in my shoes and seems easier in another’s but the truth is that both come with challenges and both come with joy. Appreciating the joy makes the challenges seem less burdensome. 

My life is great right now and that’s ok. I don’t need to feel guilty or try to convince others that my job as a mom is really hard. It is hard (but so was going to work day in and day out, having a boss, and dealing with work politics). 

Love my Life Group Ladies!!

 I am very fortunate to get to spend this time with my son. I’ll never get it back.

My cousin, JewelyAnne, got married!

I only give advice when it’s requested.



Control is a cruel joke.



I’m really bad at reading minds. (And so is my husband)

We’re adopting from CHINA! I started an Etsy Shop: Our Red Thread Shop, to fundraise.
My Littlest Seestar got married!!

Crying is ok. So is anger. So are tantrums. We all survive it and grow closer together when we allow ourselves to feel and to share in the company of others.

My body is imperfect and I’m good with that.

I’m starting to notice wrinkles and I’m not so good with that yet.

Everyone really is just doing the best they can in any given moment. Including myself.

I’m 31 and so young! Can’t wait to see what this year brings!

Happy Birthday to Us!! I love you Caleb!






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