Adoption Update: We’re Doing This For Reals!!


Alright, it’s official, we’re on our journey to adopt from China! We have selected and been accepted by our placing agency CCAI (Chinese Children Adoption International) and our home study agency FCCA (Family Christian Connections). So of course now that this is real, I had the real panic moment of realizing that it’s time to get on fundraising! For the record, we have already saved a lot of our money for this process. Any fundraising we do is to supplement what we have and to pay for any unexpected/expenses. We are adopting a child with special needs so these expenses will most surely come.

So here’s where we’re at with fundraising so far:

Paper Garland Fundraisers: $640 (after expenses like Etsy seller fees, etc.)

Donations: $578


Total expenses due this month: $2,800.

We have another fundraiser coming-up this weekend. My friend Laura offered to host a Jamberry Nail party and donate her commission! People are so generous it seriously blows my mind! If you would like to check-out that fundraiser you can participate online here: Simply select Our Red Thread Fundraiser upon check-out. Make sure to keep ordering from Laura after you fall in love with Jamberry (which I am certain you will!).

(If you haven’t visited Our Red Thread Shop in a while, please do, there’s new threadstuff to love!)

So, enough about money. We start our parent training classes with FCCA this week! I’m so excited. So this agency is the one that will make sure that we are compliant with CA and US adoption law. We are required by the US to take 12 hours of parent training. This week we will go to a 4 hour training where we will meet other families in the process. I’m excited about this meeting because it will be held at the home of a family who has previously adopted. We have so much to learn and I love learning from those who’ve gone through the journey.

This week also brought the exciting news that we have been OFFICIALLY approved to adopt by CCAI. They are the agency that will ensure we are compliant with the Chinese requirements to adopt. We are required by China to take 12 hours of parent training as well and they will be the ones to provide that. They are also the ones who will be assisting in finding our child. They are an AMAZING agency, I feel honored to be a part of their “family” now.

Now to answer the big question: How long will this process take?

Here are the basic steps of the journey…

CCAI Approval: 5 Days after submitting application

Home Study: Approx 5-6 Months

-This includes getting our “Dossier” together which is a compilation of documents that reports on various aspects of our lives and represents us as adoptive parents to the Chinese government.

– A social worker will perform interviews with us, together and separate, and visit our home.

-We will be fingerprinted and have various background checks to ensure that we haven’t been convicted of any serious crimes including child abuse.

– We will have physical examinations by our primary care providers.

– All of this will need to be sent to CCAI who will then translate the information to Chinese.

CCAI Sends Dossier to China and Awaits Approval: 2 Weeks

Child Referral/Match: 6-12 Months (After CCAI Approval)

-We are going through China’s “Waiting Child Program” which has a much shorter timeline than their NSN (Non-special needs”) Program which has an estimated referral time of 6 years or more.

Travel to China: Approx. 10-14 Weeks After Match- This is when we get to bring home our sweet new addition!!

So, from this day forward, we are looking at about a 6-12 month wait to be referred. We probably won’t have our daughter home with us for a long time. Probably over a year from now. A part of me is saddened by this but another part of me is ok with it. This time of preparation will allow Luca to get older and less dependent on me. He will be more open to “sharing” Mommy and I will be more prepared to share myself as well.

With both money and time being at stake here, all I can do is put my trust in God. I’m choosing to trust that He will help to provide us with what we need to bring our girl home. I pray that He will give us patience and strength as we set out on this marathon.




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