Dear Luca, You are Awesome.

Hey (my-not-so) Baby Boy,

Every day I think about the fact that you are going to grow-up. It kinda hurts my heart to think about it. I love snuggling you so much and the thought of not having that anymore makes me very sad. Don’t tell your dad but we are just always going to have a dog so that I have someone to snuggle when he’s working. (He thinks that we won’t have another dog after this one… We’ll see about that.)

Here’s the thing: you’re just like really really awesome. Depending on how old 1975130_10202637019983128_1474165423_nyou are reading this, I’m either embarrassing you or entertaining you. Regardless, I hope you know how loved you are.

Currently, as I write this, you’re about to turn 17 months old. To the world, you’re just a little pipsqueak, but to me, you’re HUGE! Seriously, you were so tiny and now you’re running around (literally), climbing the walls (literally) and jumping like a little frog (also quite literally). You are so full of life. You are addicting to be around.

Ok, so confession, there are times when I feel like I am in over my head and that you and I are way out of sync… but it doesn’t take long, maybe an hour or so, for me to re-group and we’re back in action. (That’s not counting these 2 weeks where you totally decided to become a toddler without warning me and I was 1904243_10202644482769693_1097129944_nscrambling to figure out how to let you be your own person while also treating you like a baby when you wanted it… you’d beg to be held and then suddenly demand I put you down only to have you cry that I put you down… that time took a little longer than an hour to re-group from. It’s cool, all kids do it. I eventually figured it out.)

You know what? You’re addicted to me too. I make you laugh REALLY hard. It’s the best. Your favorite thing is to lift up my shirt and blow raspberries on my belly. Your dad taught you that trick.

Here are some of the things I love most about you right now:

10. You have a song about bodily functions, it goes like this: “Ahhh PEEE… Ahhh POOO… Ahhh PEEE… Ahhh POOO…” and so on. It makes me laugh SO hard every time.

9. Like I mentioned earlier, you can actually jump. I don’t think that is normal for your age, you’ve been doing it for at least a couple of weeks so you’ve got it down pretty good now. What I love is that you saw your dad jumping  and you love this Jana Alayra song, “Jump Into the Light” and those two things motivated you to keep trying every day until you could figure it out. You throw your whole body into too, it’s fantastic.

8. You have a duck face that you like to use when you’re talking. You stick-out both of your lips very far and say things like “Woo Woo!” or “Woof Woof” or “Blue.” Your dad especially loves it when you do that.

7. You absolutely love to dance and now you’ve started singing. I bought you a little guitar at a thrift store and you love to sing while I play it. You also like to play it yourself but you seem to like it most when I play while you sing and dance. You go nuts over the song, “Let it Go” from Frozen. You even mimic her magical arm movements. It’s pretty hilarious.

6. Balloons and brooms are your newest obsessions. We’ve been going to Disneyland and every time we go you see balloons and say “Bawoo??!! Bawoo??!!” while pointing vigorously and using your duck face of course. I wish I could buy you all the balloons in the world buddy! And it doesn’t matter where we are… you FIND BROOMS EVERYWHERE. It’s pretty funny and kinda gross.1896804_10202637015703021_1391480106_n




5. You LOVE to snuggle me. After you wake-up from a nap or after you got hurt you love to be held by me. You come-up to me, I hug you and then you drop all of your weight into me so that I’ll pick you up. Then you wrap your arms around me and pat me every so gently while resting your head on my chest. It’s the best.

4. The look on your face when you see your dad after he’s been at work all day is 1912097_10202717927205758_1739013275_npriceless. First off, you call him “Aya”… We’re not sure why because you can say “d’s.” We don’t bother correcting you because it’s endearing. When you see him, your face lights up with a huge smile, you point to him again and again shouting “Aya!!” as you run to the door.
1148865_10202727808292779_1372342039_n3. Your hair is epic. We keep debating about whether we should cut it but we just don’t have the heart to do it. It’s way too fun! Now it’s developed some awesome highlights so you look like a little surfer dude!

2.  Your feet are still huge. Just when I think they’re taking a break from growing, they prove me wrong. You’re currently wearing a size 7! You’re on the lighter side at 23 pounds but those feet don’t seem to care. They just keep getting bigger!!

1. Your laugh is like heaven in my ears. We would do almost anything for a laugh. Even at bedtime when we should be calming you down, if I accidentally do something to make you giggle, I have to do it again. I like to think it helps pump you full of endorphins so that you have pleasant dreams.

I love you Luca. You have made my life so full and rich. Parenthood isn’t always easy but I like to think that it’s making me a better person. Your awesomeness has made me want to have more children in our family! In fact, we’ve started the looong process of adopting your sister! I know you’re going to be an amazing big brother.

I guess it’s ok that you’re growing-up. As you do, new wonderful traits emerge. It makes me fall in love with you all over again.

Until next time,


TTFN! (Did I mention that Tigger is your new favorite?)

Your Mama


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