I Gots the Fever… Baby Fever, That Is…

So many women told me this would happen, I thought they were crazy. I was told that when Luca was walking I would start dreaming of Baby #2. If you don’t recall, I wasn’t a huge fan of the newborn stage. Well, it didn’t exactly go down like they said because my crazy-active little guy started walking at 9 months and there was no way I was ready to even think about siblings at that point.

Now, he’s 14 months. He’s running, babbling, tantruming, lecturing, dancing, oh and climbing, climbing, CLIMBING ON EVERYTHING. And you know what? I love every minute of it! OK, maybe not every minute- I’m praising God when I see Caleb’s car pull into our driveway- but I really do love this stage. I love it so much that I can’t wait to do this again.

For years now, we’ve talked about wanting to adopt. It was always more a question of when we would not if we would. Then, Caleb came home from a business trip last week and said, “You know, whatever we’re going to do next (meaning adopting or trying to conceive) we need to get on it.” He, like most people, isn’t thrilled with the idea of having kids in the house after hitting retirement age. I could care less about that but being I have Baby Fever, I’m going with it.

So, long story short, WE’RE ADOPTING!! Woohoo!

You might be asking yourself why we are adopting. We’re adopting because we feel that God is calling us to it. In the Bible, God is very clear that it is important for us to care for the marginalized, specifically orphans. While everyone may not be called to actually adopt orphans, we believe it to be our calling. I have to admit, my heart is bursting with joy over this. It doesn’t feel like a duty at all, it feels like a privilege. God is giving me the gift of another child! Plus, I am so excited to give the gift of a sibling to Luca and the gift of a family to an orphan. This is an all-around win in my book.

Now, there are a lot of things to consider when adopting… Domestic or International? Private or Public? Open or Closed? For us, the question of domestic or international was a non-issue. We believe that all children should be seen as God’s children and that their country of origin should bear no weight on our decision. When I hear people say things like “We need to take care of our own first.” I cringe. I think of “our own” more globally I guess. My “own” are other people, not exclusively American people. That’s just how we see it.

A couple of years ago, God placed the needs of Chinese orphans on my heart. I can’t really tell you exactly when China first came into my mind, I can only tell you that once it was in my heart, I just haven’t been able to shake

(Image from Chinese Children Adoption International)

it. Usually, when I can’t shake something, it’s a God thing. After much prayer and research, we have decided to pursue adopting a child with special needs from China. These children are a part of the “Waiting Children” program.

Before you think we’re some kind of crazy wanna-be-Saint-type-people, I will assure you that we are nothing of the sort. In China, and many other parts of the world, a “special needs” scenario isn’t always a huge undertaking. For example, some children are considered “special needs”  just because they have a birth mark on their face or a missing finger. We are given a list of potential “special needs” to determine which ones we could meet.

I plan on writing another post to explain more about why we have come to the decision to adopt from China’s Waiting Children program. You’ll see I’ve added a new category titled “Adoption” up on the top of my site menu.   I can’t wait to share more!

Do you have any questions? Any adoption stories of your own? Encouragement? I’d love to hear it all!


7 thoughts on “I Gots the Fever… Baby Fever, That Is…

  1. I have had the exact same thing with china and exact same reason of I don’t know why I feel like that. Will love hearing your updates on this and how the process goes. Prayers your way


  2. Congratulations!! The way you explained your feelings on international vs. domestic adoption is exactly how I have always felt…all God’s children and all created in his image! Thanks for putting that into such concise and clear words…I have always struggled to do that. Many prayers for you and your growing family as you start this journey!


  3. It’s wrong to purchase human beings. It’s wrong to purchase a kid as a “gift” for your son. I will simply pray that Jesus gives you your hearts desire — a lil China baby with RAD. Who wrecks your life. Because you’ll deserve it!


    • Wow, Carlee, I think that perhaps you’ve completely missed the point of this post. Thank you for your feedback as it will allow me to clarify something. I am NOT purchasing a child as a gift for my son any more than I would give birth to a child as a gift for my son. Praying that I receive a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder is uncalled for. However, being that my husband and I are both trained in clinical psychology, we wouldn’t be the worst family to embrace such a child. One thing you are right about: Jesus wrecks my life and I do deserve it. Thank you for your prayers and here’s hoping that He wrecks your life as well.


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