Christmas Day 2013 Photo Dump (Finally)

We had such a wonderful time this year in Texas as we spent Christmas with Caleb’s family. I was most excited to see Luca with his two sweet cousins, Payton and Robbie. They were so cute together!

Luca also got to have his first Santa experience this year. Santa uses special wrapping paper, colored bows as gift identification, and gets presents that Mom and Dad would never get! We normally shy away from toys with batteries but we couldn’t deny letting Luca keep the gift Santa brought him: a laptop!!

Here are some pictures of our special Christmas day!

Sweet Payton
Sweet Cousin Payton
Luca and Gigi
Silly Robbie!
Luca loved his gift from Santa!
Silly Lukie!
Ciri and Payton. Payton’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse collection is now complete!
Robbie loved his new Buzz and Woody friends!
Sweet silly boy!
Luca and Payton were practically inseparable the entire trip! 
It was a great day!

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