January, You’re the Worst Monday Ever (And Making the Case for Valentine’s Day)

Even Jack Skelington loves the pretty lights!

I wrote about this last year so apparently this is an issue I have: January is such a let down. October, November and December are bursting at the seams with joyous anticipation. Granted, the holidays can be stressful, yes, but there’s so much to look forward to… right?

Like, the traveling, the shopping amongst the crowds, the stressing over budgeting… Ha! J/K… Those are all the things I despise about the holiday season, but seriously, there’s so much to love.

Like, seeing those I love, like finding the perfect gift and watching someone open it… or the familiar joyful music and the twinkling lights. At the risk of sounding super lame I’m just going to say it: There’s something magical in the air at Christmas.

Can I get an, Amen?

It’s just special. It’s like everything is just a little shinier, a little brighter, and a little happier.

Then comes January Blanuary… womp, womp, womp…

The lights come down. The treats are gone. The carols have stopped. It’s just kind of… blah. You know, like how a Monday feels after a three-day weekend. It’s dreadful.

So, now the question is: what to do? I’m procrastinating on the un-decorating business. That’s just like salt to the wound.

Maybe I could do something with all of these Christmas cards? I could make some sort of little book or something. I’m sure Pinterest has tons of ridiculous ideas.

I’m considering decorating for Valentine’s Day. I don’t really care what anyone says about Valentine’s Day…

“It’s a made-up holiday!”

“I don’t need a special day to do something romantic!”

“I don’t believe in being forced to show my love!”

BLAH. BLAH. BLAH. You know what, you Valentine’s Day Haters? Some of us, like to have an excuse to cover our homes with lame decorations and some of us like to make our spouses give us chocolate. My husband is very thoughtful but I can’t tell you the last time he randomly brought home a card and flowers and took me to fancy dinner for no reason at all. I’m pretty sure most people don’t do that.

That’s why Valentine’s Day is awesome. It’s the Friday after the Monday that ended the three-day-weekend. Are you following me?

It’s an excuse to do something a little out-of-the-ordinary. It’s something to look forward to after Christmas and New Years Eve is over.

Now, before you judge me and think that my life must be so pathetic that I need a fake holiday to cheer me up, I just want to remind you of your New Year’s Resolution to be a better person. You’re not going to be so “judgy” anymore, remember? You’re going to embrace people’s flaws and show them unconditional love and acceptance. It’s really quite honorable of you.

Now, if you’d like to join me in preparing for Cupid to make his grand entrance into your home here’s a way you can do that…

My friend Andrea, of Aidie’s Hideaway, makes uber cute garlands by hand! Check them out:

SO cute!!

Ok, now, don’t you want to join me? I promise she isn’t paying me to get you all into Valentine’s Day, she actually has no idea I’m even writing this piece. But, I’m totally indebted to her because when I was all down about Christmas being over, I saw this image on her Instagram feed and it made me smile. That’s when I realized that Valentine’s Day is the cure to my January Blues!

Hooray for fake holidays and lots of chocolate!

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!


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