Crunchy Mama Fun

Vegan Unicorns?? Bahaha!!!
Vegan Unicorns?? Bahaha!!!

Perhaps you need a little chuckle today in the midst of holiday madness?? This will do the trick for ya!

You read my blog so I’m guessing that you are either a family member and feel obligated to do so or you are kinda crunchy yourself. Either way, you’ve got to check this out.

Have you ever wondered just how crunchy you really are? Maybe you’ve had horrifying moments that have led you to question whether you’re even crunchy at all! Well, now your questions will be answered FOREVER.

My friend posted a hilarious quiz that she found on the website “Illustrated with Crappy Pictures.” This quiz will help you to determine your crunchiness in a very scientific way. So go ahead, take the quiz. Then share your Crunch Score with pride!


PS In case you were wondering, I’m a TOPAZ đŸ˜‰




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