Christmas Card Photos… VOTE for Your Fave!

Last year I was way too sleep deprived to get Christmas cards out, but this year I’m actually getting somewhat decent sleep! Yay! Christmas cards here we come!

We had a blast shooting photos at my sister’s place, Six Owls Farm in Northern California. It looks like those photography classes my stepmom took paid off! Now, to choose which one will grace the front of our Christmas cards.

We’re having such a tough time deciding! What do you think??

2013 11 28_Thanksgiving2013 and before_1515
2013 11 28_Thanksgiving2013 and before_1495
2013 11 28_Thanksgiving2013 and before_1524
2013 11 28_Thanksgiving2013 and before_1552
2013 11 28_Thanksgiving2013 and before_1504
2013 11 28_Thanksgiving2013 and before_1547
2013 11 28_Thanksgiving2013 and before_1553

Thanks for your help everyone! I can’t wait to see the results!


3 thoughts on “Christmas Card Photos… VOTE for Your Fave!

  1. I want to explain my vote because I had two. Four, i love because I can see each one of your faces, but I am torn with five because you are gorgeous and it’s natural. Maybe do 2 cards and randomly pass them out.


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