Thanksgiving Break Photo Dump

It feels kind of weird calling last week “Thanksgiving Break” because it’s not like I’m in school anymore but it’s more fun to call it that. This year, we spent Thanksgiving in my hometown in Northern California. We had a great time! Here are some photos to commemorate our trip.

First, we had tons of fun with Nono & Glamma! We had a blast at Scientopia…

2013 11 27_Thanksgiving2013 and before_1642 2013 11 27_Thanksgiving2013 and before_1703 1460009_10202000687795221_1134362082_n

Then, it was off to 6 Owls Farm to have get our gobble on…

2013 11 28_Thanksgiving2013 and before_1504
(I had to throw in this Christmas Card Photo outtake, ha!)

1453365_10202009541056547_1961056899_n 2013 11 28_Thanksgiving2013 and before_1461



Next, off to Grammie’s house to “help” decorate…


We concluded our trip by visiting our dear friends, Michael & Amanda, in Central California. Luca had to see his little sweetheart!


Well, that about wraps it up for us! How was your Thanksgiving? Hope you had a good one =)


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