Crunchy Christmas Gift Shopping: Gifts That Give Back

There’s, nothing like the holiday season to make me feel completely discontent with everything I own… Ugh. I seriously hate that part about Christmas! I feel like it gets totally distorted from it’s original purpose (that Jesus came as our ultimate gift) and just makes me obsess over things that I want and things I want to give to others. And let’s face it, neither of us really need anything anyway. It’s all lame and stressful.

I know what you’re thinking: “Bah Humbug!” Right? Ok, I know, I can really put a damper on the season can’t I?

Well, I’ve found a way to feel joyful about Christmas again and it has to do with going back to the point of Christmas: To give to those in need because we are thankful for all we have been given.

Woo hoo! It makes me all warm and gooey inside when I can get a gift for someone I love AND also benefit someone in need.

Last year, I offered some specific ways to give back while gift shopping. This year, I’m going to point you in that same direction but I’m going to be a little lazy about it. You see, there’s no point in me scouring the internet for cool gifts when someone has already done it for me.

Yes, that’s right my fellow bleeding-heart-gift-buyers, one site is all you need to find a compassionate gift for EVERYONE on your list!

Check it out: TOMS (of, you know, TOMS) has now created a Marketplace that allows you to search through a variety of goods that will all benefit various causes.


 They even have a “Gift Finder” feature! Pretty rad, huh? I hope this helps you find some amazing gifts that will not only delight your loved ones but will also help those in need. Check it out soon to qualify for FREE SHIPPING!

Don’t you just feel all holly jolly inside now??

You’re welcome.

Do any of you have a Christmas tradition to keep things in perspective? I’d love to hear them!

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3 thoughts on “Crunchy Christmas Gift Shopping: Gifts That Give Back

  1. I’m telling people about Lisa Yi’s project too – the Hazelnut Dream concoction she sells to benefit inner city LA kids. That’s the one I’m giving! Mom

    On Mon, Dec 2, 2013 at 8:00 AM, Kinda Crunchy


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