You Know You’re the Mom of a 1-Year-Old When…

I (mostly) love this phase! How cute is this??
How cute is this??

How did this happen?? My baby is now a full-fledged, gulp, TODDLER. I can’t believe how much has changed in the last couple of months. People say “time flies” with your kids, but it’s actually painfully slow and hopelessly fast all at the same time. One mom put it this way, “the days are long, but the years are short.” So true.


I have loved watching my baby evolve into a toddler. Well, mostly. 😉

So, here it is: You know you’re the mom of a 1-year-old when…


10. Your house looks like Toys-R-Us threw-up inside of Pottery Barn.

9. You’re realizing that you need to adopt some sort of parenting philosophy… like yesterday.

8. Your precious baby has manic episodes of drooling, whining, crying, terrorizing, and chewing. Suspected cause: 1 year molars.

7. Sleep was starting to get better… right? It was, right??

6. My kitchen is near spotless while my living room is being destroyed and vice versa. It’s the only way to clean these days.

5. “Play Dates” have become meltdown management sessions.

4. Keeping the baby weight off has been easier. It’s possible that I run a 5k nearly every. single. day. of. my. freaking. life.

3. An act as small as closing the refrigerator door can be a catalyst for World War III.

2. You start to wonder if you need therapy so that you don’t lose it on your kid when they’re being unreasonable. (It would have been much more convenient if they could be born with their frontal lobes fully developed, am I right??)

1. You’ve realized that you actually gave birth to a person. One with opinions and very real emotions. Now you can finally welcome all of that person into your family. The good, the bad, and the ugly parts. But now, just like marriage, you realize that it means you will have to sacrifice some of your own preferences. Now, you learn to love your kid for who they are.


4 thoughts on “You Know You’re the Mom of a 1-Year-Old When…

  1. This is great! I’ve been taking pictures of my toddler for a similar post. I love your fridge door closing and turning into war -I thought it was just my kids who did that! They are crazy-wonderful aren’t they?


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