On Being Scared to Care About Orphans

In case you hadn’t heard already, it’s National Adoption Month. Adoption is a passion of mine so of course, I couldn’t resist writing on the subject. I pulled-up my laptop and was eager to start typing. Eagerness was about all that was there. I guess you could say I had “writer’s block.” I was speechless.

Have you had that feeling before? You know, when you care about something so much that you’re actually afraid to talk about it? I guess that’s what it is with this subject. I’m so afraid that people will see that this post is about adoption and just won’t even read it. That’s when I realized that I’m not the only one who’s afraid. I think a lot of us in our society are afraid to hear about orphans because they don’t want to feel “guilted” into doing something about it.

This is not one of those posts.

I have no desire to make anyone feel guilty about anything.

I do, however, have a desire to encourage you. There really is a problem. The problem isPrint that there are millions of orphans worldwide. Orphans who need homes. Keep reading.

Just because there are children who need homes, that doesn’t mean that you have to offer yours. Some people will be called to that, but not all.

One thing I am almost certain you are called to is to care. Now that’s easy, I’m guessing that you already do care about orphans. That’s no big. But the second you start caring, do you start feeling kind of…bummed out? I think that feeling is probably actually hopelessness.

There are a lot of orphans and there are a lot sticky political issues that frustrate the process of finding orphans homes. It’s easy to think that the problem is too big for you to have any kind of impact.

That’s where I want to encourage you.

You can have an impact.

First, consider that you MAY be called to adopt a child. I’m not saying go grab paperwork or to go google-crazy on the subject. I’m just suggesting that you may have been called for that opportunity. Don’t be scared. Pray about it.

Second, whether you are or are not feeling that calling, educate yourself about adoption. There is so much stigma surrounding adoption and so many false “facts” floating around, that it’s very discouraging to those who are considering adoption. This is especially true of foster care. One or two horror stories overshadow the thousands of beautiful ones. Unfortunately, unnecessary fear hinders many people from adopting.

Third, be an advocate. This will look different for everyone. It could be getting politically involved, it could be donating money to a family who is adopting, it could be offering your home temporarily as a foster family. These options are the tip of the iceberg. If your heart is open and willing, just keep your ears open of ways that you could help.

 Now, here are some of my favorite posts about adoption. Let me know what you think!

Parents, Please Educate Your Kids About Adoption So Mine Don’t Have To

Our Infertile Road to Adoption

If you’re a Christian or you’ve ever felt guilty about not adopting, READ THIS:  Discerning Your Call to Adoption

Thanks for reading! What are your thoughts on adoption?


3 thoughts on “On Being Scared to Care About Orphans

  1. Thank you for sharing our Adoption Infographic!

    Dear Jaclyn,

    I hope this message finds you well! My name is Gaby Acosta, and I’m the community manager for MSW@USC, USC’s Masters in Social Work program.

    As a school of social work, we can’t thank you enough for what you and Caleb are doing to give a child in need such a loving and happy home, and for openly sharing your journey with adoption with us.

    One question I had: I noticed there isn’t a link to our USC website as the original source for the infographic— do you think it would be possible to add that in (just in case someone is interested after reading the article)? This is the official infographic image source: http://msw.usc.edu/mswusc-blog/adoption-infographic/

    Your site is such a great resource about adoption, and I’d love for your readers to be able to find more information if they choose to. Thanks so much for your time!

    MSW@USC Community Manager


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