Sympathy for Christians

I was thinking about this post today and thought it would be fun to re-blog it as a little throwback =)

Kinda Crunchy

Last week, I joked that now I know what I want on my tombstone, but I was actually kind of serious. I heard a quote that encapsulates so much of the angst I’ve had about being a Christian. Let me back up…

Last Thursday I watched an amazing video with some girls from my church. It was by Timothy Keller. You may have I heard of him, I guess he’s becoming kind of a big deal. The video series we’re watching is called, “The Reason for God.” It’s a six part series that involves Tim sitting with a group of non-Christians and addressing their questions about Christianity. If you want to check out the first video, called, “Isn’t the Bible a Myth?” go here. I highly recommend you check it out, he has such a calm demeanor, it’s very refreshing to watch. I just wanna go have ice…

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