Conclusion of the Maui Vacay (And a TON of Pics)

Well, the vacation is over. As always, I feel sad to have left but it also feels good to be home. Maui was as beautiful as ever and I enjoyed seeing it through an adult pair of eyes this time. The last time I visited I was still in high school. Now that I’ve experienced it as an adult, I have some recommendations for any of you who might be visiting soon:

Bombtastic Finds in Lahaina

Best Deal: Aloha Mixed Plate. I love this place. It has a great ocean view, it’s cheap, the food is good, what more can you ask for? If you’re familiar with Maui, it’s located right next to the Old Lahaina Luau on Front Street. In fact, their kitchen is the same one that services the luau so you can expect some tasty Hawaiian favorites! Get the Mochiko chicken!

Luca at His First Luau!
Luca at His First Luau!

Luau for Foodies: The Feast at Lele. I’ve only been to a handful of luau’s but this one by far had the best food. First of all, it was served in courses by waiters… that’s right, no buffets here people. This was a real 5 course meal. The courses were themed according to the different Polynesian islands and as they were served, the traditional dances from those corresponding islands were performed. It was pretty awesome.

Best Authentic Hawaiian Experience: Ululani’s Shave Ice. O.M.G people… Have you had “shave ice??” I’m not talking about a snow cone. Have you had the REAL shaved ice? Holy cow, it is SO good. I got one with MacNut ice cream on the bottom, mango, pineapple, and coconut syrups and then it was topped with freshly handmade mochi. Dangit, now my mouth is watering!

Alright, well that’s all the recommendations for now. As you can see, we stayed in West Maui. It’s pretty hard to get out and about when you have a baby who naps for 4 hours total each day! We made the best of it regardless! On that note, I leave you with some of the pics to conclude my posts about our trip… =) Aloha!

Luca LOVED the beach!
Luca LOVED the beach!
Fun at Lahaina Pizza Co. (DEEE-Licious btw! Very similar to BJ's)
Fun at Lahaina Pizza Co. (DEEE-Licious btw! Very similar to BJ’s)
Did you know this is how pineapples grow?? So weird!
At the Hyatt there were actual penguins and flamingos!
Checking-out the kid area at the Hyatt.
Hiking in the Ioa Valley.
The Feast at Lele… I can’t remember which dance this was…
Our view from our table at the luau.
The fiery finale of the luau!
I went paddle boarding! Yeah… I must admit, I don’t quite get the appeal. It might be because we just went back in forth in front of our resort. Not exactly riveting, but still a LOT of work.
Check-out that hottie! (That’s my hub, in case you didn’t know)
A nap for baby and Daddy during our layover at the Honolulu airport.

Traveling with Luca was super hard but I’m glad we made the trip. We decided that the next few years of our lives may just be a season of vacationing locally, without the time zone changes and long-distance travel. As usual, sleep was a challenge. I think I’ll do a little post for my fellow co-sleeping Mamas for some tips on how to co-sleep away from home. Well, until I write again, aloha!! And Mahalo for reading!

P.S. Can someone¬†please tell my husband that “Mahalo” means “Thank you.” Not… “It’s all good” or “Hakuna matata” or anything like that. He keeps saying it like, “Come on babe, just relax, you know, Mahaalooohh…” So lame (and admittedly, kind of hilarious).


3 thoughts on “Conclusion of the Maui Vacay (And a TON of Pics)

  1. Caleb, “mahalo” does not mean any of those things. Jaclyn is right with “thank you” or “welcome”. In Kauai, they say, “No wiki wiki” which means “relax, chill out, etc” especially while driving. If you see a bad driver, you say, “no wiki wiki.”


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