Aloha from Maui!

We made it!! After a 1 hour drive to the airport, a 5 hour plane ride, 3 hour layover, 45 min plane ride, and 1 hour drive to our resort… We made it!! And, out of all of that traveling, there were only 2.5 meltdowns! I’m thankful for how well Luca did considering the circumstances. He only had two 30-minute naps which is about 3 hours less napping than he’s used to. Here’s a photo of Luca at the Honolulu airport, before any of the meltdowns…


Can I also just offer a word of encouragement for you other traveling mamas out there? Rest assured, people are more gracious than you think. I can’t tell you how many people doted on Luca during our travels. Even at the end, when he wasn’t as delightful as normal, people were so kind. On our last flight, Caleb and I were sitting separately and thank God I was sandwiched into between two sets of grandparents! The couple directly next to me, helped me as Luca threw stuff on the ground in frustration (the poor guy was exhausted) and offered sympathetic smiles. I was able to relax and help soothe Luca. His “meltdown” probably lasted 5 minutes total, it felt like forever… But as the flight attendant and nearby passengers offered their support, my faith in humanity was restored. Don’t worry about bothering people while traveling with your kid. Most people have been there are empathetic. I was very relieved!

Well, that was yesterday. Today we’ve enjoyed the beautiful grounds of our resort, had some yummy breakfast, and tonight we plan on hitting-up Cheeseburger in Paradise to celebrate my stepdad’s birthday. Oh yeah, did I mention my mom and stepdad are here too? Free babysitting!! Woop woop!! Haha! Anyway, they were kind enough to let us use the other unit of their time share. It’s absolutely gorgeous! It’s so nice to get to be here with them to celebrate my stepdad’s birthday and their wedding anniversary.

Here are a couple of pictures of our view:


Pretty epic huh? It’s a little cloudy today, but hopefully it’ll clear-up soon. Well, that’s all for now! Aloha!


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