Kicking-Off Seek Week

Every year our church, RockHarbor, does this thing called, “Seek Week.” It involves fasting and praying for one week in an effort to bring our hearts in alignment with God’s. I’ve always had a pretty cool experience with Seek Week and I’m hoping that this one is the best yet.

I will be fasting from all unnecessary media… which is pretty much everything when you’re a SAHM! Ha! Oh, and Caleb and I are also cutting-out sweets. Our hope is that we will be turning to God for comfort instead of Facebook and cookies.

How does this apply to my blog?

For this week, I will only be posting the happenings of Seek Week and what God has been stirring in my heart. I wasn’t going to blog at all but then I thought it would be neat to use it as a journal so that I can remember what God did during this time.

There’s already been a LOT of weird stuff stirring in my heart so I’m both excited and scared as heck to share this all with you.

Who knows, by the end of the week we may be moving to Africa to de-worm orphans. Weirder things have happened I’m sure.

In Him,




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