Crunchy People Problems: Grocery Shopping

Trader Joe's interior in Union Square in New Y...
Trader Joe’s interior in Union Square in New York City. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I’ve ventured into the world of Crunchdom, I’ve become more and more informed about the realities of food. In fact, I’ve become so informed that at times I find myself paralyzed in the grocery store… not knowing which crunchy-position to appeal to. For example…

– When confronted with the choice between organic apples or locally grown apples, which is the right?

– Or how about salmon? Dr. Sears says we should eat lots of salmon… Animal rights advocates frown upon the way they are caught. Do I murder salmon or decrease my chances of cancer? It’s difficult to say…

– The organic ketchup is in a plastic bottle. The regular ketchup is in glass. That’s just mean.

– Every night I like to have a little piece of dark chocolate, it helps me stay sane. But today, Trader Joe’s had run out of the Fair Trade variety. Do I risk going postal or contribute to poor labor practices?

– If you’re at a BBQ and someone has made too many hamburgers for the carnivores, is it wrong to eat one? I mean they’re just sitting there. It seems that the cow would rather me enjoy her rather delicious meat than be thrown in the trash. Right?

You see? Life is hard for us Crunchy Folk.

No longer can I just go to the grocery store and buy what’s on sale. No. Now, every decision feels like a social/political statement. If I buy that plastic wrapped item, I’m basically saying, “Hey manufacturer, keep up the good work! I love me some plastic!” But I don’t. I love the organic contents inside the plastic. See my problem? Ugh. Like I said, life is rough.

What are your crunchy people problems? Please share, it’s lonely over here.

(Feel free to tweet this with #firstworldproblems, I’m sure there’s some others out there who can relate to my pain…)


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Crunchy People Problems


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