Giveaway: The Final Drawn-Out Finale to Celebrating 200 Posts!!

BGee Beads
BGee Beads

Ok guys, I know I’ve totally been milking this “Celebrating 200 Posts” thing, but what can I say? I’m proud of myself! Aaaand… Maybe I’ve been enjoying the break as well. So, to thank you for putting-up with this whole thing and for being such awesome, loyal readers, I’m going to top it all off with my first GIVEAWAY!!

Thank you so much to my friend Candace, of BGee Beads, for her willingness to participate in this giveaway or I may have been offering a (possibly used) children’s toy as the prize. Candace makes beautiful necklaces and bracelets similar to those of “Chewbeads.” They are an essential item for every Mama with a Little.

They’re cute, convenient, and babies really love them! They also make great shower gifts if you don’t have Littles of your own. Just to make it even better, you will be sent the necklace or bracelet of your choice.

So, what do you have to do to WIN?? Only two simple things…

1. “LIKE” BGee Beads Facebook page

2. “Share” YOUR favorite post from on YOUR Facebook page. Click the FB icon at the bottom of the post or copy the link to your page. (Please comment on the post letting me know that it’s your favorite and I’ll trust you also shared it.)

I’ll be drawing a name on Friday August 30th, 2013 at 9am PST. Can’t wait to see who will win it! Best of luck to you!


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