The Loneliness of Motherhood

CELEBRATING 200 POSTS!! Well, here it is! The NUMBER ONE post! The popularity of this post has propelled me to remain vulnerable and honest in my writings. We seem to be drawn to authenticity. This post is definitely authentic, in fact, I remember being really nervous before posting it! I’m glad I did. =) See the end of the post for an update on the loneliness.

Kinda Crunchy

Luca will be four months old tomorrow. While some things have gotten better since the first two months, others are still a struggle. Yes, he may smile more, sleep more, and interact more but he’s still a tiny little person, who is utterly dependent upon me. There are still nights that require more energy than I would prefer (last night being one of them) and there are still times when he cries and I have no idea why. But mostly, the hardest part of motherhood has been the fleeting feelings of desperate loneliness.

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