“Why We Decided Not to Circumcise Our Son”

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Kinda Crunchy

The following is a guest post for the series, “Speak-Up Mama!” The purpose of this series is to help Mamas have more compassion for one another regarding controversial decisions. In light of that, feel free to comment but please play nicely or your comment will be removed. Thank you to Leeanne for her willingness to share her story!

To tell you the truth, I never really thought circumcision was a controversial topic. How is it any of my business what a man has down there? After all, it’s not mine nor do I have one. I never really thought about it much. My husband on the other hand had his views and didn’t want our son to be circumcised and so I went with that. However, I was curious as to why he didn’t want to. His reply was, “I want him to be like his daddy.” Ok fine…

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