Rebecca: Her Birth Story, Not Her Plan

I just had to re-post this as I just came home from celebrating Alex’s First Birthday! I can’t believe it!!

Kinda Crunchy

**It’s been ONE WHOLE YEAR since Rebecca brought Alex into this world! I can’t believe it! What better way to celebrate than to remember Alex’s very (real) first birthday. Congrats Rebecca, Nick, and Alex! We love you guys!**

The following is a guest post from a Mama named, Rebecca. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful birth story with us!

My story isn’t what I thought it would be. First of all, I was hoping to see my September 1st due date, and maybe even add a few days, because I liked the idea of a September baby. Don’t ask me why, I just thought September was a better month than August. And this was my first baby, and first babies are always late, right? Ha. I imagined starting my labor at home, spending time in the shower and maybe the bath, because I am defiantly a water person…

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