Our Birth Story

Celebrating 200 Posts! Here’s is Number 4 on the Most Popular List. Of course, this is the post that is most dear to my heart. It’s the bridge between womanhood to motherhood and is what has made this blog what it is today: a place of support for all moms, myself included. Thank you for loving our birth story!

Kinda Crunchy

I can’t believe it’s been one full year since we met. I love you so much and I would go through all of the trials of pregnancy/birth/postpartum again and again if I that’s what I had to do to keep you in my life. True to your name, you bring light wherever you go. I thank God for you every day. 
This morning, on your first birthday, you snuggled-up next to me, still asleep. Tears came to my eyes as I recalled the events of this day one year ago. I didn’t even know if you were a boy or a girl yet! I can’t believe how much has changed in this past year. I have grown so much and of course, so have you! The 3 of us are all figuring this out together as we grow. 
I love you Luca Bear! Thank you for…

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One thought on “Our Birth Story

  1. […] Um, ouch. If you were convicted that something really was the best for your child, would you not want to do that for them? NOT to “prove” anything, but simply for the well-being of your child? This seems like a strikingly unfair statement. I do believe that there are less attachment-related risks involved with having a natural childbirth, I wasn’t trying to prove my devotion to anyone, I was simply trying to start my journey into motherhood with my best foot forward. I know many people who had “unnatural” child births and have a very healthy attachments with their children so in no way am I presuming that a natural child-birth is necessary to achieve that. Studies seem to show it facilitates it and that was just one reason to point me in the direction of an unmedicated birth. (Which I’d like to note, with no shame whatsoever, my birth was NOT completely unmedicated, for details you can read the story here.) […]


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