I am Birthing, Hear Me Roar

Celebrating 200 Posts! Here is the 7th most popular post to date. I am touched that this post is so popular because I had to be in a very vulnerable place to write it. I hope that it has helped others reconcile their own birth experience.

Kinda Crunchy

I’ve been really wrestling with the way my labor went. I knew it would hurt, I knew it would be hard, but I didn’t know

anything. When I remember the emotion and the pain (which I still remember vividly) I find it very difficult to imagine myself doing it again. The worst part, in my mind, is how I handled my emotions and the pain. I was. so. freakin’. loud. I wish I had been different. During pregnancy, when I had imagined myself in labor, I was calm and contemplative. My baby would be born into a quiet and peaceful environment.

Well, thank God I had a water birth. Maybe him being submerged helped to drown out my screams. I was not calm and I was not quiet. I hated labor. It was not peaceful. It was like being in a prison that I couldn’t escape. Days after the birth…

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