To The Under-Appreciated Mom: Happy Mother’s Day

Celebrating 200 posts 3 Months Later…This is the 10th most popular post to date! See the note at the bottom for the inspiration behind this post.

Kinda Crunchy

Maybe you’re a single mom. Maybe you’re secretly pregnant. Maybe you’re married to a man who just isn’t into sentimental things like Mother’s Day. Or… Maybe you just need to hear this from another person: You are a wonderful mom.

Today isn’t really any different from other days. You don’t go to some fancy brunch in a cute dress. You don’t get a mushy card telling you how great of a mom you are. Perhaps, you were up all night with your baby. Someone who can’t tell you, “Thanks Mom, you’re the greatest.” Now, here you are doing another load of laundry. It doesn’t matter that it’s Mother’s Day. Stuff needs to get done and you’re the one to do it. Or maybe you’re battling morning sickness. No one knows how exhausted you are or why. Yet, you continue to do what you can to stay healthy for the little…

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