Celebrating 200 Posts!!

I can’t believe it. This post, this one right here that you’re reading is my TWO HUNDREDTH POST!! When I started this blog last fall, I wasn’t sure if anyone would read it and I said I didn’t care (but of course I did). Now, I’ve been so blessed to have all of you wonderful and loyal readers following my kinda crunchy, kinda controversial, kinda silly, and always honest writings. Thank you so much for reading. While my blog really is a great outlet for me, I’ve been surprised to hear how many people find this blog as a place for encouragement. Nothing could make me happier than to feel like I have, in some way, brought something of value to your day. So, in honor of YOU the readers. I’m going to re-post your top 10 favorites this week. I think it will be a fun way to reflect on how far Kinda Crunchy has come and how the landscape of my journey through new motherhood has changed. It also might be neat for you to see what other readers also really connected with. The Top 10 posts are…
Wait. That’s no fun! I can’t just tell you! Check back later today and this week to see what the readers chose. So, without further ado… I will “re-blog” my top 10 posts throughout this week. On some, I have decided to provide some insights as to where I was (emotionally) when I wrote them and my current thoughts on the topic. You’ll see just a little note at the end of the post.

Thanks again for reading!



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