The Great Cloth Diapering UpStash of 2013

This post may be perceived as a cry for help… I don’t know that could proclaim that it isn’t. Friends, I have been sucked into the whirlwind that is all about increasing my cloth diaper stash. If you’re not a cloth diapering Mama, I KNOW you can relate here… Remember that feeling you had when you were pregnant and you HAD TO HAVE ____________? And if you didn’t have _____________ you would be a horrible mother who couldn’t provide for her child. Whether it was the right stroller, the right carseat, or maybe the nursery had to be perfect… Whatever it was, I think all moms have their “thing” that has to be done so that they can feel “ready” for the baby to come. Some call it “nesting,” I call it Pregnancy Induced Mania. Well, apparently, those feelings don’t always end after the baby comes. At least for me anyway…

I thought I was good. I hadn’t obsessed or stressed about anything really since Luca was born. And then THIS. An article found by GroVia co-founder, Kim Orsby, that had me totally freaked-out. You see, I haven’t really been following the Cloth Diapering Rule Book. I’m not really a rule-follower in general so this isn’t a shocker but, if there’s one think I love about my baby’s bowel movements, it’s that I get to buy cloth diapers to contain them. I LOVE CLOTH DIAPERS. They’re cute, they’re thrifty, they protect the environment and they prevent diaper rash (and they’re super cute, did I mention that?). So, this is an area where I want to follow the rules because I want his diapers to stay nice. Well, one of the rules I was not following was to have a big enough stash. I should have about 40 diapers… I’ve been sliding by with about 15. Oops.

So now I’m obsessed. I’ve been scouring craigslist, FB cloth diapering groups, etc. just trying to find the best deal so that I can increase our stash without forking over too much dough. One of the cons of cloth diapering is that, while it will save you money in the long run, they cost you more upfront. Being that Caleb and I are on a “gazelle-like” savings plan to buy a house (see Dave Ramsey), we aren’t going to put 200 bucks into cloth diapering right now. In other words, I need to be patient. We have money that is budgeted for Luca every month. The money will be there to buy cloth diapers, I just have to build it slowly and not all at once as I’d like to. 

But… here’s what I’ve gotten so far! I’m so excited!!


7 “Tinkle Trap” Fitted Diapers for $35

Dyed Tinkle Trap Diaper
Dyed Tinkle Trap Diaper from Craigslist

I get the cult-following of Fitted Diapers now! They’re so awesome. I used these all day and didn’t need to replace the GroVia cover I used ONCE. Yep, one cover was all I needed for the whole day! No wonder these guys are normally so expensive!

3 BumGenius 4.0 Diapers + 1 Kawaii Diaper for $34

Noodle, Sweet, and Butternut =) All in great condition!
Noodle, Sweet, and Butternut =) All in great condition!


This will be fun to try!
Kawaii Diaper.  Never used.


So, if you’re thinking about Cloth Diapering or you’re looking to increase your stash, I highly recommend looking into pre-loved fluff. Most Mamas seem to take really good care of their diapers and you can find great deals! There are also ways to replace the elastic and snaps if you’re crafty or you can pay a WAHM (Work at Home Mom) to do it for you.

Wish my luck on my UpStash and pray that I don’t lose my sanity!



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