Seek Week Day 3: Not So Much…

Today, I made the mistake of reading the devotional at about 4pm. This was a mistake because the theme for the day was “Solitude.” Oops. Let’s just say I had the opposite of solitude throughout my day.


Oh well.


God still showed-up in amazing ways. For one, I decided on a whim to attend a new Bible study. I had been invited weeks ago but I didn’t think it would work out with the Little Guy. Soo… I just kind of put it out of my mind.


But then… On Monday, the first day of Seek Week, while I was spending time with God in prayer, I really felt that He was encouraging me to go to this study. The thing is, it didn’t make sense. Normally, my kid is napping at that time and I had no intention of messing with the monster that my son becomes when he hasn’t napped all day.


Well, on Tuesday, when I had been praying, God gently showed me that I have a hard time trusting Him. If He calls me to do something, but it doesn’t make sense to me, it’s really hard for me to take that leap of faith.


Well, today I did. I actually took my should-have-been-napping-son to a 2.5 hour Bible study. This was definitely a leap of faith.


I’m so glad I jumped.


The women there were beyond gracious and loving towards Luca and I. Even though childcare was available, they still let Luca be in the study with me. I tried the childcare thing at first, but he just wasn’t having it. So, I put him in my Beco carrier and what do you know? He fell asleep on my chest as I attended the study. Serious blessing. God is awesome.


Oh, and there was delish food. Anytime I get free food, I’m a happy camper. It’s actually kind of pathetic. I would probably attend an NRA rally if they were offering free In-N-Out burgers.


So, despite the fact that I didn’t totally do the suggested devotional, it didn’t really matter. I did spend some time with God alone later in the day and that was so refreshing. Regardless, I felt immensely loved by God that He had provided such a sweet group of women.


Most of all, I’m grateful that God’s word to me was proven true. I’m learning that the more I step-out out in faith, the stronger my faith becomes.


I can think of no greater gift than the strengthening of faith. With that comes inner peace and unwavering hope. Who could ask for more?


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