Dear Luca, You’re 9 Months Old!!

Dear Luca,

You’re 9 months old and my, how quickly things have changed! Here are some of the things that have developed over the last 9 months…

  • You LOVE solid food. Strawberries, egg, and lentils are your favorite!
  • You can feed yourself your Hyland’s Teething Tablets (which we’ve needed a lot lately!)
  • You’re weary of strangers but once they’ve earned your trust, you like to crawl all over them!
  • Every morning you wake Mama up by crawling over to me and then on top of me with big smile on your face.
  • You are saying “Mama” but not quite in context yet… I love it anyway!
  • You just started taking steps!! So far, we’ve seen you take 3 steps before falling to the ground and then crawling the rest of the way.
  • You have 6 teeth!
  • You have very specific noises for wanting more food, being tired, wanting milk, and when you can’t find me. Some sound like grunts, some like whining and others like “Mmmm!” (Think Young Frankenstein, a movie I hope you will love like we do!).
  • Your Daddy is the best at making you laugh. You love to be kissed on your tummy and when we pretend to eat your toes. These things make you squeal with delight!
  • You LOVE our dog Leroy! On walks you want to watch him the entire time. When he walks in the room, you smile. You’re starting to figure-out that you can give him some of your food to bring him close to you…. This could be bad for Mommy soon…
  • You still love to hang upside down like a little monkey!
Too Much FUN!!!
Too Much FUN!!!

We love you Luca Bear!!

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