So, I’ve Been Reading Some Good Stuff…

Lately, I have come across so many awesome blog posts. I’ve really been enjoying being a consumer of content versus my usual “crank-’em out” mode as I try to have a post written every day. It’s been refreshing and inspiring. From deciding that I definitely can handle adding more kids to our family, to celebrating the upcoming arrival of a kid to another family, to more on the concept of privilege, and finally some thoughts on why the Millennial Generation is ditching Church…I thought I’d share some of the awesome reads that I’ve stumbled upon…

To Moms of One or Two Children

blogheader2013How do you do it? 

I’ve never counted, but I imagine the number of times I’ve been asked that question by Moms with one or two children is somewhere in the hundreds. I have five children, and judging by the look on the tired and weary faces that pose the question, that number seems simply impossible.

How do you do it? 

Those are five loaded words. I suppose because the “it” behind that question is different for everyone.

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Here We Go…

About a week and a half ago, we got an email from our agency telling us about a birth mom who was having a boy.  They asked us (and several other families) if we were interested in having her look at our profile.  We of course said yes.  The next night, we got a call letting us know that she had picked us and wanted to talk with us on the phone just to be certain.  So, the next morning we talked with her, and long story short, she chose us.

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The Luxury of Invisible Privilege

“I’m no bully. I like niggers.”–JW Milam, acquitted murderer of Emmett Till

My grandfather was not a demonstrative man. When my father was a child, Granddad–a piano tuner by trade–sat my father down, and had a very somber conversation with him about how to avoid being lynched.

Likewise, my father was not given to words, or displays of affection. I was about 13 years old when my father–a professional jazz musician–had a similar conversation with me: how (not) to address officers of law, so as to avoid being shot.

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Why Millennials Are Leaving the Church

At 32, I barely qualify as a millennial.

I wrote my first essay with a pen and paper, but by the time I graduated from college, I owned a cell phone and used Google as a verb.

I still remember the home phone numbers of my old high school friends, but don’t ask me to recite my husband’s without checking my contacts first.

I own mix tapes that include selections from Nirvana and Pearl Jam, but I’ve never planned a trip without Travelocity.

Despite having one foot in Generation X, I tend to identify most strongly with the attitudes and the ethos of the millennial generation, and because of this, I’m often asked to speak to my fellow evangelical leaders about why millennials are leaving the church.

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