Baby Leggings: Their Profound Spiritual Significance in Our Home

Yesterday, pure joy was delivered to our home in the form of baby leggings. I know what you are thinking, “Umm, doesn’t Jaclyn have a baby BOY??” Yes, yes I do. But in an effort to take a stand for mothers of sons everywhere, I have purchased baby leggings for Luca. You see, it’s just not fair that moms of daughters get to dress-up their little girls in all kinds of funky and adorable clothing. Not to mention the adorable hair accessories. Boys are stuck with oversized sweat-pants and uncomfortable hats.

Well no more!

Now we have these!!!

Posh Pipsqueak Baby Leggings on Etsy

Come on, can anyone deny how cute those are? They make my heart get all warm and fuzzy, seriously.

Wellll…Unfortunately, my husband has a different view of the baby leggings.

This morning, I brought Luca out wearing this:

Cutest. Baby. Ever. I know.
Cutest. Baby. Ever. I know.

Here’s the conversation that followed…

Caleb: “Wow! Someone’s got his Rainbow Brite leggings on!”

Me: *Beaming with joy.*

Caleb: “…I’m gonna have to be honest and say I’m not really a fan of the rainbow leggings…”

Me: “But they’re so cute!”

Caleb: *Skeptical*

Me: “PLUS… The rainbows remind us of God’s promise to us, you know like in the story of Noah’s Ark…”

Caleb: “Uh huh…And then we laugh.”

Me: “Exactly!”

Caleb: *Shakes head and walks away.*

So you see? There you have it. Baby leggings remind us of God’s promises AND they bring joy through laughter. Who knew that those little leggings would have such a positive and spiritual impact in our home. Purchase: Justified.

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