CT: What Privileged Christians Can Learn From the Trayvon Martin Case

Love this post. Very moving. Thank you so much for sharing this. I plan on writing something similar.

Christena Cleveland writes for Christianity Today about the realities of race in America and the responsibility of America’s privileged class to listen to and learn from those less privileged. She writes, “Those of us who are privileged (e.g, are white, male, middle-class or higher, educated, able-bodied, heterosexual, and/or physically attractive, etc.) benefit from living in a society that accommodates rather than alienates us. But these benefits are difficult to detect. For example, as an educated, upwardly-mobile privileged person, I benefit from the fact that politicians pay attention to my social class and fight for my vote.”

How can we listen and learn from those less privileged in a mutual way, not presuming but truly practicing equality? Read on>

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