Crunchy People Problems

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Granola… A Metaphor for Life? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Sometimes it’s hard being crunchy…


10. The package clearly says to rinse quinoa before cooking… who on earth has a colander with small enough holes to achieve this??


9. Gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free brownies really just aren’t the same.


8. I keep trying to switch over to natural deodorant but I can’t… who wants the smell of BO with the hint of lavender hovering around them all day?


7. I’m so thankful that they FINALLY started making BPA free plastic. Time to swap-out all of our plastic containers!


6. I’m so thankful they FINALLY discovered that BPA free plastic isn’t really safe either! Time to swap-out all of our BPA-free plastic containers! (Please let glass be ok…)


5. Netflix should really have a package for those of us who just want to watch documentaries.


4. I need a Vitamix so bad!!! Maybe I’ll just sell my TV so that I can afford one…


3. I know I should go vegan but bacon is sooo dang good. I guess I”ll be a vega-swine-tarian.


2. My organic conditioner is so thick that I have to use twice the normal amount of water to rinse it out. Great, now I’m putting dolphins in danger.


1. I don’t mean to offend my family, but I’m tired of having to educate everyone about the horrible food they are eating. Can we please just agree to have a GMO-free, locally and humanely raised, gluten-free, dairy-free potluck next time? That would be great.


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6 thoughts on “Crunchy People Problems

  1. 🙂 I liked this too. I felt the same way about natural deodorants for a long time, but we’ve been making our own at home for the past year or so now, and it really does work! There’s a small adjustment period, a week or so maybe? but we’re super happy with it. My sister-in-law is experimenting with adding beeswax to hers to make it a little more temperature stable, the coconut oil just melts here in the summers, but even still I highly recommend it.

    The recipe’s on my blog if you’re interested!


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