So, We Ditched Our TV Last Weekend







We did it, we ditched our TV last weekend. In an effort to live more simply we decided to try-out life sans America’s Got Talent and Netflix. I’m not going to lie, it’s weird… but we have been here before. We started-off our marriage without a TV and intended it to stay that way. Well, then Caleb had to go and be an AMAZING sales rep and earn the awesome prize of… you guessed it: a brand ¬†spanking new sparkling flat screen TV. So, we thought, “Ok, we’ll just watch movies on it…” And for the most part we did…but still, it became just another screen to get sucked into. Speaking of screens, we are trying to be more intentional about all of our screen time. So, the TV is gone and now Luca’s first work of art stands in its place…



Bye Bye TV!

Hello Super Awkward Space in Our Living Room!

That amazing work of art there is Luca’s first painting (made with vegetable/fruit based paints!) and of course, we just had to add a jar of coins to make it even more awkward.

What do you all do to limit your zoned-out screen time?


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