Adventures in Co-Sleeping: Yes, We’re Still Co-Sleeping

Things have gotten a little nutso around here since Little One started crawling a couple of weeks ago. I feel like I can barely turn around without hearing a scream or a crash or a bang. I didn’t realize that with crawling also comes “pulling-up” and “cruising.” I don’t know if they usually go hand-in-hand, but for Luca they certainly do. Unfortunately, with crawling, pulling-up and cruising come important lessons about: Gravity.

Now, this is a post about co-sleeping… so can any of you tell me why I might be talking about gravity in a post about co-sleeping? Anyone? (You veteran co-sleepers are snickering, I know) Gravity sucks when you’re co-sleeping. In our culture, we like very high beds. This is a problem when you have a clueless and somewhat fragile infant sleeping with you in your very high bed. So, when Luca became mobile I became super excited and then had an, “Oh crap” moment. Life for us would never be the same.

So, what do hardcore co-sleepers do when their baby starts crawling? They move their mattress to the floor. Now, aside from the copious amounts of humility it takes to move your mattress to the floor (because in our culture, the higher the better right?), there’s the other problem of space. We were using an Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper so that Luca could sleep in that, leaving enough space on the mattress for Caleb and I. Well, the co-sleeper can’t be lowered to the floor, so… obviously we had a problem.

Leave it to my awesome husband to come up with a solution (he’s like McGyver in that way). He suggested that we pull the crib mattress (you’re like, “What? You have a crib?” Yes, we do and good thing too.) up to our bed so that it could be an extension of our mattress. Brilliant. Only problem: our kid is mobile, remember? So yeah, even though the mattresses are on the floor, they are still high enough to cause Luca some damage. So, we whipped out our bed rail that we had purchased in a panic from Craigslist somewhere around the 3 week mark. Back then we were struggling to find a co-sleeping solution for Luca as a newborn (we ended-up finding the Snugglenest). The bed rail used too much space on our bed. It has to clamp on to your mattress, causing you to lose precious mattress space. So we threw it into our closet and now, voila, here it comes to save the day. We rigged it up to one side of Luca’s mattress. Seems easy yeah?

Well, there’s more. The crack in between Luca’s mattress and ours is potentially dangerous. So, I went online and saw what other parents did for this issue. Numerous people suggested putting a foam pool noodle underneath the crib sheet. Caleb to the rescue again… He measured and cut a noodle just perfectly for Luca’s bed. We still have the problem of one of the ends being exposed so we’ve been trying to teach Luca how to get off of the bed feet first. Let’s just say that lesson is still in progress. However, he has yet to try to get off of the bed while we were sleeping. I still wake-up when I hear him waking-up.

The biggest problem has been naps. I lay him down on his mattress and it’s really not the safest place for him to be because he can easily stand-up by pulling-up on the bed rail. Gravity is just waiting to teach him a lesson. Today, I hadn’t heard him wake-up but when I went in the room to check on him he was standing-up just as happy (and clueless) as could be while trying to reach for something on the other side. I freaked internally, of course, and picked him up just before he went over the edge. So, it’s looking like during the day, his mattress will need to go back into the crib so that he can sleep in there for naps.

Well, that’s just another chapter in our co-sleeping story! I know it sounds pretty intense but we love co-sleeping and believe that the sacrifices we’re making are worth it. My hope is that soon we will get a King sized bed and that will make things a little easier. We also checked-out Ikea for some pretty cool platform beds. I’m sure both are in our future. For now, this will do!

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3 thoughts on “Adventures in Co-Sleeping: Yes, We’re Still Co-Sleeping

  1. Have you ever considered sleeping on the floor? As an experiment in simplicity, I tried it out a couple of years ago, and I haven’t slept on a mattress since. I had a bedroll I made of a thin comforter, folded in half, with a blanket in the middle, but it was still less than an inch thick. Since then, I’ve eschewed my pillow and the blanket-padding, as well, so I’m pretty much just on the floor. The only real reason for the bedroll, now, is to easily keep my sheets in one place to just roll out at night.


  2. I learned the hard way when one of my twins hit the floor… he outsmarted my devices to keep him safe. I now sleep on the floor, with a simple quilt and I have a playard mattress that’s not too thick for the babes. safe and works for us.


  3. I’m a little cfsnuoed about a bed without a mattress , but I’m going to assume that you are referring to what I call a pallet on the floor. When I make pallets for my kids, I usually put a couple of sleeping bags down first, (I leave them folded double for the extra thickness), then, if you have one, a feather mattress topper or even a feather comforter. Then, I add a blanket that I tuck all of the edges under the sleeping bags and feather topper, to hold everything in place. then I just put their favorite pillow down, and then a blanket for them to cover up with! Hope this helps!


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