Hey Readers! Some Changes @ Kinda Crunchy

Hey Loyal Readers and Obligated Friends & Family!

I appreciate you following my blog so much. It has become such a source of refreshment and encouragement for me. As time has gone on, I’ve been surprised to hear how this little space has helped other Mamas too. In an effort to serve you all, I have honed-in on the categories that seem to be the most popular and provide the most support. The categories of topic that I’ll focus on are as follows:

Birthin’ Babies: This includes my birth experience, information about home birth, and real birth stories from other Mamas. Top Post: Our Birth Story

Faith: Here I will write about my journey with God through life. Top Post: A Surprising Birthday Gift at 2am

Granola: All about crunchy living! Top Post: Stuff Crunchy Mamas Like (Or Stuff That Freaks People Out)

Motherhood: This category will combine my postpartum journey, mom diaries, and psychological theory as it applies to parenting (and my desperate attempt to apply it in my own life). Top Post: The Loneliness of Motherhood

Real Life: This is admittedly the “junk drawer” of categories. It captures everything from vacation photos to my rant about Joan Rivers. Top Post: I’m 30!! Reflecting on the Past Year (In Pictures)

Speak-Up Mama!: This is a popular guest post series that allows moms to talk about controversial decisions they have made. Top Post: “Why We Decided Not to Circumcise Our Son”

Dear Luca: This may not be my most popular category but it is the most special to me. Here I write letters to my baby son so that he may have a way to “remember” this time in his life. Top Post: Dear Luca, You’re 6 Months Old!

I hope that the content of this blog builds you up, makes you laugh, or provides refreshing insight into your life. Is there anything you’d like to see more of? If you have any ideas or recommendations for how I can make this blog a better resource for you, please feel free to contact me! Thank you all again for your readership.

Take Care,


PS Another super fun change will be coming very soon too! Keep your eyes peeled for it! =)


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