Dear Luca, Your Dad loves you so much…

Dear Luca,

Yesterday, we celebrated your Dad’s very first Father’s Day. We actually decided to make a weekend of it. I want you to know that already, you love your Dad so much. It’s for good reason too. He plays with you in such a way that you laugh and squeal with delight. When he comes home from work your face lights-up when you see him. It melts my heart. Right now, you’re going through some separation anxiety. You barely let anyone but me hold you, but you love being held by your Dad. I can tell that you feel safe with him.

I am so thankful for your Daddy. He works so hard for us and has never complained about it once. He loves that I can stay home with you but he does miss you so much during the day. Sometimes he’ll ask me to send pictures of you while he’s gone so that he can get a glimpse of your sweetness. He loves being your Daddy.

I thought you should get to see how much he loves you. Here are some photos of you and your Dad.











I can’t wait to watch your relationship continue to evolve as you grow older. I’m sure you two will have many fun adventures together!



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