Happy National Donut Day! (and Adventures with Meat Pies)

Waiting in line at Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee in Costa Mesa, CA.

Well, it’s National Donut Day so of course we just had to hit up Sidecar Doughnuts. My mom just happened to fly into town this morning so she joined us (actually, if I’m being honest, this was all her idea). The flavors today were pretty tempting… Cinnamon Crumb, Bavarian Cream, Green Eggs & Ham (poached egg with ham, hollandaise sauce and basil), huckleberry, and more. But just for today they released a special Donut day flavor: Peach Cobbler with Cornmeal Crumb & Thyme Topping  and a dollop of freshly made vanilla bean whipped cream! If that sounds like a mouthful, it is, but what a delicious mouthful it was!

Partaking in the doughnut of the day =)

Pie Not. The new Aussie Style Bakery in Costa Mesa

After we had our sweet tooth fix at Sidecar, we decide to be adventurous and try-out the new bakery, “Pie Not.” It’s an Australian bakery known for meat pies. Yes, meat pies. Sounds questionable I know. I was a little wary but honestly, a little donut wasn’t enough for breakfast. We were greeted by a hip looking guy who sported a fun Australian accent complete with phrases that were indecipherable to me. I just smiled and nodded and asked him which he would recommend for breakfast. “Why the ‘Brekkie’ of course!”

The Absolutely Delicious Brekkie

Let me tell you, seriously, the Brekkie may well have been one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth. I was shocked at how good it was. The savory meat was almost sausage-like which went well with the egg topping. Mixed in with the meat were tomatoes. bacon, and sharp cheese. The pastry dough was just right. Man, I will definitely be back to try others. Now I know why they are such a huge hit Down Under!

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2 thoughts on “Happy National Donut Day! (and Adventures with Meat Pies)

  1. Oh, yes, meat pies are so so delicious! If we ever move back to the states, that’s one thing I will truly miss (although it’s nice to know that some Aussies have taken the tradition over there). So glad you got to try one! That made my day lol


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