Magnificent May Finds

In May, I celebrated my very first Mother’s Day! You’ll notice that a couple of these items are related to Mother’s Day gift-giving although I’m sure they would work well as birthday gifts too. Here are some of the things I gladly stumbled upon in May:

Initials and Birthstones are Customizable


A Charmed Impression on Etsy

This shop offers sweet, minimalistic, personalized jewelry such as this necklace that my mom bought for me.





Audrey Sparrow on Etsy

Locket by Audrey Sparrow.

I made out pretty well this Mother’s Day. Caleb got me a beautiful vintage locket from Audrey Sparrow’s Etsy shop and then put a photo of Luca inside of it.







Sprig Toys Cone Stacker
Sprig Toys Cone Stacker Made of Reclaimed Wood Chips and Recycled Plastic

Sprig Toys

My sister-in-law found this awesome toy for Luca and I can’t wait to get more of their products! They are made out of “Sprigwood” which is a biocomposite of recycled plastic and reclaimed wood chips. The toy is light weight and easy for Luca to play with. Each piece is a rattle and also has shapes that need to coordinate for stacking. This toy will be around for a while at our house!



The Baker Chick

Hazelnut Macaroons with Chocolate Frangelico Ganache- Yes, please!
Hazelnut Macaroons with Chocolate Frangelico Ganache- Yes, please!


We all have those times where we need to splurge a little. If it’s that time for you, check-out this awesome blog. I can’t wait to try her latest recipe: Hazelnut Macaroons with Chocolate Frangelico Ganache- say what?! Mouth is watering.


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3 thoughts on “Magnificent May Finds

  1. Seriously STOP its freaking me out. I have the same bird necklace saved as favorite on Etsy and Ella has the same stacking toy!


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